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Try them on and feel the difference
We are confident in what we do and now we want you to feel confident too.
We have prepared  two different combinations of sample packs in order to best meet the requirement of your sector. This is a perfect mix that will help you evaluate Suecos® product in detail and get important initial from you market. Feel free to select the pack you need according to your business activity.

Health pack
If you are supplying solutions to hospitals, orthopedic or dental clinics, nursing homes, etc. the most suitable pack for you shall include: Thor, Oden, Skoll, Nordic, Bo, Edda and Frida.

Hostelry pack

If you are supplying solutions to hotels, restaurants, spas and fitness centers and cleaning industry, the most suitable pack shall include: Thor, Thor Plus, Oden, Bo, Andor and Frida.
All those will provide you a wide range of options for the specific needs of your clients. If you need specialized footwear for a different sector, just let us know, we may have a personalized option for you too.






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