A Clog for a clog™

Clog for a Clog™ is not a simple transaction, but rather a mission inspired by strong belief. For every pair of shoes or clogs bought on our website, Suecos® will be giving a pair of protective clogs to a barefoot child in different parts of the world. We excel in manufacturing shoes designed to provide comfort, functionality, and protection for professionals, but a case can be made that barefoot children actually need these attributes more so than anyone else. Not as a luxury of choice, but rather a necessity for survival. This is why we decided to initiate this vital cause. Fast forward to this very day, and we have seen resounding success.


In less developed countries many children walk, play, and perform their tasks barefoot, not because they want to, but because they simply have no other alternative. This represents a great risk of foot injuries and infections that can severely affect the health of a child. Not having shoes also greatly reduces mobility over a multitude of surfaces, and as a result limits access to many places, possibly preventing barefoot children from reaching the desired destination; whether it is a school, a hospital, or anywhere as crucial to their wellbeing. A pair of shoes is not simply a stylish form of transportation. A pair of shoes protects feet from bumps, injuries, and diseases. A pair of shoes facilitates your road to education and healthcare. A pair of shoes, for a barefoot child, is nothing short of the vessel for a better future.

A Barefoot child would be happy and better off with any pair of shoes, but why are Suecos® Clogs in particular very beneficial?

Ergonomic Design:
Ensuring the utmost comfort and stability.
Ultralight EVA Material: At almost no weight, our clogs give an unparalleled feel of lightness.
Antibacterial: Prevents any spread of fungi or bacteria.
Adaptable to Feet: Ensuring the shoes will mold to the feet, giving a comfortable and customized fit.
Suitable for tropical environments: Does not absorb any liquids, making it dry very easily. 
Very Easy to clean: Only soap and water needed.
Re-usable and survives the test of time: Can be passed from one person to the other, and has a long life-span. 
Elastic Strap: Comfortable movable elastic strap offering two different styles and functionalities.
A wide variety of colors: Ensuring that children will not only be protected, but also have fun and feel "colorful".


The Swedish founders of Suecos® lived for years in Mexico and Central America and fell in love with its culture, customs, and people. Nicaragua and its inhabitants left a resounding impression, since it is the poorest country in Central America with over 70% of its people below the poverty line and over half the population under the age of 18. This is why Nicaragua was chosen as a first ideal destination for our journey, and indeed by the end of 2011. Nowadays approximately 27.000 custom-made clogs were already delivered to these amazing children in Nicaragua, Dominican Republic and Spain. 

This couldn’t have been done without the outstanding help from our collaboration partner INFANCIA SIN FRONTERAS, an NGO that has been helping Suecos® assist thousands of children in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. We would like to thank them for their collaboration, without which this may not have been possible.After seeing the impact of giving our shoes to these children, we decided that A Clog for a Clog™ should further involve even more countries in the future. As a result we are currently working on expanding our collaborations, and we warmly welcome new organizations/partners to contact us.
And finally, never forget that it is you, the Suecos® consumer, who is our constant driving force. You are the reason we were already able to ship to thousands of barefoot kids, and with your future involvement, you will continue to be the fuel that propels us to new horizons. It is no exaggeration when we say: This can not be done without YOU!