Which clogs are suited best for your profession? – Your Suecos® clogs guide

Posted on April 15, 2015 by Ina Schumann

Suecos® clogs come in 5 different models and various colours. Use this overview to help you find which clogs are best suited for your profession and working environment.

We are specialized in work shoes in the following sectors:

  1. Medical Healthcare: work shoes for nurses, doctors and caregivers in hospitals, medical practices, laboratories, care facilities and geriatrics.
  2. Hostelry: professional shoes for the food and hotel industry, for kitchens, chefs, service staff for example waiters, room service or professional cleaning.
  3. Wellness: Professional footwear for spa, beauty & cosmetics, massage parlors.
  4. Leisure: Ideal for swimming pools, beach or simply to relax after work; great for the whole family.

Here we highlight 5 Suecos® clogs for you to compare:

THOR we recommend especially when working in the food industry or in kitchens, but also to caregivers, for example in geriatrics. Thor has a non-slip rubber outer sole for strong grip, suitable for oily and soapy surfaces such as tiles. Its heel and toe area is reinforced and the heel is also fully enclosed for extra protection. THOR Plus+ without air vents is ideal for wet areas. They can easily be combined with insoles. Thor has a classic wide fit.

ODEN has especially been designed for professionals in hospitals and medical practices but is also suited for hostelry and service as well as wellness and spa. The rubber outer sole protects on wet and dry surfaces. ODEN offers extra comfort: the shock absorbing sole allows noticeable cushioning with every step and makes them ideal for long days on your feet. You will feel like walking on air. The narrow fit is perfect for slim feet. Available in 11 colours.

SKOLL is an all-rounder work shoe suited for all sectors. They offer great value at a competitive price. The heel is partially covered around your feet and therefore can perfectly be combined with insoles. Skoll have a rather wide fit. Available in 6 colours.

NORDIC has proofed itself in all areas – healthcare such as hostelry, wellness and leisure. NORDIC’s exchangeable insole and its integrated Air-Tech™ ventilation system offer extra comfort. NORDIC partially cover your feet around the heel.

LOKI is recommended for wellness and leisure. They can be worn with an insole and have a wider fit. This model is also available in kid’s sizes and ideal for the whole family.

All Suecos® clogs are ultra-light and reduce muscular effort up to 70%. Legs, knees and your back are noticeably relieved when on your feet all day. Suecos® are also easy to clean.

Find more information about our models classified by sector and colour.

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4 professional work shoes for wellness and spa

Posted on March 11, 2015 by Ina Schumann

Are you working in the wellness sector – maybe as beautician, physiotherapist or you are working in a spa? Here are 4 proFASHIONal clogs for you, developed for those who are on their feet all day long. 

Our first recommendation of course are Oden with its rubber outer sole providing better grip. They are ultralight, ergonomic and available in 11 colours which make them easy to mix and match. Oden absorb the bodyweight and provide a relaxing feeling in feet, knees and back. It's an ideal shoe where prolonged standing or walking may tend to induce foot discomfort or lower body fatigue. They are easy to clean being resistant to dissolvent, detergents and can be chemically disinfected, for example with chlorine.


We also recommend the following three models:  

Skoll: an ultralight and comfortable Clog. Skoll requires up to 70% less muscle effort than regular shoes and provide a relaxing feeling in knees, legs and back. Available in 6 colours. They are easy to clean being resistant to dissolvent, detergents and can be chemically disinfected, for example with chlorine. Skoll partially covers the heel and can be combined with insoles. 


Nordic: A comfortable clog with exchangeable insoles and integrated Air-Tech TM system with breathable membranes. Nordic partially cover your feet around the heel.


Thor / Thor Plus+ : Ultralight and robust, this clog comes with enclosed heel and reinforced toe and heel area for more protection. Its non-slip rubber outer sole for maximum grip is suitable for oily and soapy surfaces. Well suited for work in wet areas.



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Which colour are your work shoes? Here’s what your favourite colour reveals.

Posted on December 29, 2014 by Suecos EN

It might sound rather peculiar, but it is said that a person’s favourite colour tells us something about their character. So what is your favourite colour? As you see, Suecos® professional shoe wear comes in many pretty colours which inspired us to put together a list of the most common colours and their symbolic meaning for you:

Red – This signal colour even has two meanings. On one side it stands for danger, but also for love and sensuousness. People who favour red often tend to be extroverted, impulsive and know what they want. Red is the colour of energy.

Pink – is probably the most feminine of all colours. It suggests briskness, liveliness and affection. People with pink being their favourite colour are usually very creative, imaginative and even playful.

Orange – makes us feel warm and cosy, however not just because we relate it to tropical fruit or sunrises. It was also found that orange has an appetizing effect. If you like orange you are likely to be a very sociable person and mostly in a positive good mood.

Green – This colour makes us first think of nature, growth and vigour. Besides it is the colour of hope and luck; and on most people it has a harmonising and calming effect. Most fans of the colour green tend to be rather calm, balanced and optimistic.

By the way, besides its positive influence on light reflection and visual differentiation in hospitals, “surgical green“ has yet another advantage: Because green and blue are associated with calmness, most patients feel less unsettled by colourful scrubs than white coats.

Blue – stands for trust and peace and has a calming and reassuring effect on us. It is also related to friendship, harmony and reliability. On the other hand it can seem a little cold. Those who love blue are likely to be diplomatic, kind and caring.

Purple – is the colour of spirituality and feminism. It is also seen as secretive, exceptional and intuitive and is something for idealists and free spirits. It stands for self-assurance, relaxation and placidity. People who favour purple often have great humour and are creative and imaginative.

White – stands for purity, cleanliness and perfection. It is the colour of innocence and modesty. Who likes white is often rather reserved and even-tempered and can well appreciate spending time on their own.

Black – is associated with power, strength and mystery, but also makes us think of grief and evil: black is worn on most funerals. However the LBD (or little black dress) will never be out of fashion. This colour stands for elegance and grandeur. Many people who prefer black tend to be rather realistic, success-oriented and can be a little secretive.

Of course there are a lot more colours around and they all have a different impact on every individual, so that it really can’t be generalised.



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Be safe

Posted on October 01, 2014 by Suecos EN

Imagine a professional runner wearing ballerinas when training – that doesn’t seem right?

As you know, professionals need appropriate footwear, suited for their individual needs and working environment. It is essential for their health and safety at work; and of course staff efficiency. Just as the athlete needs professional running shoes in order to meet his target, staff needs adequate footwear to work effectively.

Socrates once said: "when your feet hurt, you hurt all over" which can impede work. Health problems can be avoided if employers and professionals are consciously aware of the risks and proactively choose safe and comfortable footwear. In the long run it will avoid health issues and therefore reduce sick leave.

Additionally following 7 actions should be taken to reduce feet and back problems and improve your staff’s health and productivity:

  1. Avoid fixed positions and increase the number of body motions. This can be done through job rotation.
  2. The floor can be crucial to reduce accidents and foot pain.
  3. Teach correct postures for dealing with heavy loads.
  4. Advise on adequate shoe maintenance.
  5. Add health signs in the workplace, for example to raise awareness of steps or slippery grounds.
  6. Ensure sufficient natural light.
  7. Flexibility and non-slip properties (both floor and appropriate footwear) reduce accidents at work.

Suecos®’ mission is to bring you the best of both: design and comfort. Our shoes protect staff´s feet from risks they are continuously exposed at daily level. We are aware of your needs such as toe protection and non-slip properties, just to name a few. We want you to feel energized, healthy and safe at work. 

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3 Tips & Tricks to keep your feet healthy during the cold winter

Posted on December 03, 2013 by Suecos EN

Oh Christmas, Lovely Christmas...

For a big amount of people, one of the loveliest times of the year is considered to be the Christmas holidays. But beside from all of the wonderful things Christmas brings, we also know that the expense of buying gifts, the stressful last minute shopping, the mammoth food shops and the bunch of other stuff that comes along with the preparation for the very Christmas day can result in something that appears as familiar to many as the Christmas holidays does itself. Yes, we are talking about the well-known Christmas-stress and the all of the walking and standing that comes along with it.
Many people have probably pulled out their boots and sneakers already, into which they are able shove back their feet in during the cold and wet weather that comes along with the Christmas holidays. The health and appearance of the feet are therefore often forgotten, even though podiatrists claim that it is in high degree of importance to stay vigilant about foot care during the winter time since the cold climate, combined with the running you feel required to do, easily contribute to massive foot-, and health problems overall.
Here at Suecos we already know how important it is to stay away from these health problems but also how very easy it actually is, and a big step on the way is to invest in a pair of comfortable indoor shoes in which you can give your feet a rest after the cold walk they were put through in your winter shoes.
Below we have listed three very simple tips & tricks for you to think of now just before the arrival of the Christmas.
As we all know, it is always good to be prepared before the actual Christmas stress itself takes over.

It is of high importance to own proper footwear for the winter. Spring will come to us sooner than we think, but until then we have to think of to keep our feet in a warm, dry and comfortable place. Keeping your feet healthy during the cold winter times will later on help you to have these fresh and representative summer feet you wish to have when the time for sandals comes.

Thick and breathable socks and insoles that also wick away moisture are to recommend, because when
your feet continue to sweat in colder temperatures, socks and insoles must promote air circulation and remove perspiration.

We know that your feet are very likely to spend a lot of time hidden in your shoes since they honestly don’t have much to do outside in the cold weather. This is the reason why you have to be very careful with maintaining the foot care regime during the winter as well. Keep a careful watch at your feet while washing them to make sure that you don’t suffer from any early signs of foot problems!

But maybe most important
– Take your time to sit down and breathe during the stress that might come to hit you.
Nothing will be as good as you expect it to be if you yourself dont feel good,
so always take care of yourself and your health before you try to take care of everything else that comes along with the Christmas.

We at Suecos® wish you a Merry Christmas!

With an extra thought of our winter feet during lovely December month, Suecos® will have a special Christmas-offer only for you and your feet! Once you buy a pair of Skoll shoes to help your feet to keep healthy, you will not only get the shoes themselves but on the purchase you will also get a pair of insoles included in the price as you normally would have paid only for the shoes! A small Christmas gift from us at Suecos, for you!

Visit Skoll Collection HERE!

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