Which colour are your work shoes? Here’s what your favourite colour reveals.

Posted on December 29, 2014 by Suecos EN

It might sound rather peculiar, but it is said that a person’s favourite colour tells us something about their character. So what is your favourite colour? As you see, Suecos® professional shoe wear comes in many pretty colours which inspired us to put together a list of the most common colours and their symbolic meaning for you:

Red – This signal colour even has two meanings. On one side it stands for danger, but also for love and sensuousness. People who favour red often tend to be extroverted, impulsive and know what they want. Red is the colour of energy.

Pink – is probably the most feminine of all colours. It suggests briskness, liveliness and affection. People with pink being their favourite colour are usually very creative, imaginative and even playful.

Orange – makes us feel warm and cosy, however not just because we relate it to tropical fruit or sunrises. It was also found that orange has an appetizing effect. If you like orange you are likely to be a very sociable person and mostly in a positive good mood.

Green – This colour makes us first think of nature, growth and vigour. Besides it is the colour of hope and luck; and on most people it has a harmonising and calming effect. Most fans of the colour green tend to be rather calm, balanced and optimistic.

By the way, besides its positive influence on light reflection and visual differentiation in hospitals, “surgical green“ has yet another advantage: Because green and blue are associated with calmness, most patients feel less unsettled by colourful scrubs than white coats.

Blue – stands for trust and peace and has a calming and reassuring effect on us. It is also related to friendship, harmony and reliability. On the other hand it can seem a little cold. Those who love blue are likely to be diplomatic, kind and caring.

Purple – is the colour of spirituality and feminism. It is also seen as secretive, exceptional and intuitive and is something for idealists and free spirits. It stands for self-assurance, relaxation and placidity. People who favour purple often have great humour and are creative and imaginative.

White – stands for purity, cleanliness and perfection. It is the colour of innocence and modesty. Who likes white is often rather reserved and even-tempered and can well appreciate spending time on their own.

Black – is associated with power, strength and mystery, but also makes us think of grief and evil: black is worn on most funerals. However the LBD (or little black dress) will never be out of fashion. This colour stands for elegance and grandeur. Many people who prefer black tend to be rather realistic, success-oriented and can be a little secretive.

Of course there are a lot more colours around and they all have a different impact on every individual, so that it really can’t be generalised.



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Socks or barefoot?

Posted on September 14, 2014 by Suecos EN

Wearing socks with sandals has been seen as a major footwear faux pas and suddenly got trendy again this year – that means if you are wearing it right. Many of us still think that even ankle-length socks with sneakers or shorts are a no-go area and especially women renounce socks for aesthetic reasons. But is that really healthy and hygienic?

You should only be barefoot in closed shoes as a last resort. Socks keep our feet dry and support personal hygiene since they can be changed quickly when feet get smelly. It’s totally normal that feet are sweating. We have about 250.000 sweat glands at the soles of the feet, which can produce up to a quarter of a litre of perspiration per day on average! Footwear, genetic disposition, emotional stress, activities and temperature have influence on how strong personal foot perspiration might be.

Here are 7 clues on how to keep your feet fresh:

  1. Washing your feet and drying them thoroughly afterwards belongs to daily hygiene; a sage bath helps in case of strong perspiration.
  2. Wear breezy footwear in summer or walk barefoot as much as possible.
  3. Make sure that your shoes are big enough; tight shoes will make you sweat more.
  4. Use fresh cotton socks and avoid synthetic materials, which don’t absorb sweat very well.
  5. Change shoes often and leave at least one day rest in between so that they can air and dry well.
  6. Make sure to also remove insoles or orthopaedic inserts from the shoes and wash them every now and then so that foot odour will disappear. Let them dry for a few days before putting them back into the shoes.
  7. Powder can help in case of strong perspiration.

If you still don’t like to wear socks in shoes try barefoot insoles or shoe liners, which you can change easily just after a few days. Absorbent and washable insoles made of terry cloth material are best. 

Another alternative are feet liners. Girls know these little socks already but there are also special models for men that can hardly be spotted when worn in shoes. But sock liners are not always ideal for ladies’ shoes and can get tiring having to adjust them all the time… Be vary of tights, they tend to be mostly uncomfortable, are not absorbent and often contain – such as insoles do – nanoparticles against unpleasant odour: chemicals whose long-term effects are still unknown.

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Wuthering Heights

Posted on October 10, 2013 by Suecos EN

It may seem like heels make you look taller and more stylised, but they can also cause tendon ruptures, bunions, hammertoes, fractures, tendinitis and severe damage to ligaments.
Here at Suecos® we don't expect you to quit using your beloved heels, or that you wear flats to the opera, but we do want to give you a choice… The choice to rest your feet after a romantic dinner, a long party, or a neverending wedding.
A couple of years ago, researchers at Harvard University found that using heels of 5cm of height or more can increase stress on the inner part of the knee by 32%. This disproportionate stress (if compared to using flat shoes) forces knees and hips to absorb additional impact by trying to keep the body stable when in forward motion.
According to new research in England, using heels shortens muscle fibers on the calves and increases rigidness in the Achilles Heel.
So what can we do to reduce the stress caused by heels?
To begin with, we shouldn't be barefoot or use completely flat shoes for long, since the difference in angle and height of the foot varies too drastically, and in the case of flat shoes, the instep of the foot is in tension too. The best thing to do would be to use a type of shoe that has a bit of a heel (1-2 cm) so that it helps absorb the shock while walking and standing up for long periods of time.

Our Suecos® are made of a soft and shock-absorbent material, giving the knees, hips and back the support they need. Their interior texture helps massage the foot, stimulating the circulation and producing a pleasant sensation while walking. If you have any kind of foot problem, our material if comfortably adapted to the shape of your feet, making the clog comfortable and stable to wear.
What are you waiting for, then? Go put on a pair of Freya ballerinas!

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Pantone picks 2013 color

Posted on January 10, 2013 by Suecos EN

Each year Pantone picks the colour of the year. For 2013 they have selected… Emerald Green!!!
Could it be that they got inspired by our Green Oden?

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Our inspiration boards

Posted on November 21, 2012 by Suecos EN

Why does work wear have to be boring?

Here at Suecos® we believe that you can be fabulous in all aspects of life. Having fun with fashion also includes your professional attire: from the socks you wear with your Suecos®, to the coat you mix-and-match with your uniform on your way to work.

From our labs we’ve been having a lot of fun creating these looks, so that we can inspire you as a professional but also to inspire ourselves as designers! We strongly believe that creativity should be present in every moment of your life, and that’s why we encourage you to create your own look and send us a picture. It’s not necessary to work in the fashion industry to be a fashionista, you just have to be a PROFASHIONAL.


If you want to check out more looks, don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest, where we’ll keep on sharing ideas and inspiration for the modern professional.

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ProFASHIONal, who?

Posted on September 20, 2012 by Suecos EN

Lately we’ve been thinking about the relationship between work wear and fashion. It seems that in the current market, these two concepts are not compatible, but then we think about out professionals, we see creative, passionate people with highly rewarding jobs that are also highly demanding.

We also understand that most of these jobs, whether you’re a nurse, a doctor, a chef or a beautician, require the use of uniforms. In almost all cases, boring uniforms. We’ve been asking ourselves: why do uniforms have to be boring if our professionals are not boring? The way we dress, even at our work place, should be a reflection of who we are, and since we know you’re an amazing professional we want you to look like an amazing profashional.

What is a profashional then? Well, a profashional is you, dear reader. You are concerned about your health, your performance, about doing your very best and looking your very best.

Suecos® has teamed with the best designers to develop models that will not only help you feel great during your working hours but to also look incredible while you do so thanks to our sleeker designs and playful colors.

We recently went out to shoot our latest look book, and we were thinking about you all the time: we want you to see yourself reflected in them, so that we encourage you to send us your picture and so that we can start building an amazing community of profashionals like you.

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