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Posted on October 10, 2013 by Suecos EN

It may seem like heels make you look taller and more stylised, but they can also cause tendon ruptures, bunions, hammertoes, fractures, tendinitis and severe damage to ligaments.
Here at Suecos® we don't expect you to quit using your beloved heels, or that you wear flats to the opera, but we do want to give you a choice… The choice to rest your feet after a romantic dinner, a long party, or a neverending wedding.
A couple of years ago, researchers at Harvard University found that using heels of 5cm of height or more can increase stress on the inner part of the knee by 32%. This disproportionate stress (if compared to using flat shoes) forces knees and hips to absorb additional impact by trying to keep the body stable when in forward motion.
According to new research in England, using heels shortens muscle fibers on the calves and increases rigidness in the Achilles Heel.
So what can we do to reduce the stress caused by heels?
To begin with, we shouldn't be barefoot or use completely flat shoes for long, since the difference in angle and height of the foot varies too drastically, and in the case of flat shoes, the instep of the foot is in tension too. The best thing to do would be to use a type of shoe that has a bit of a heel (1-2 cm) so that it helps absorb the shock while walking and standing up for long periods of time.

Our Suecos® are made of a soft and shock-absorbent material, giving the knees, hips and back the support they need. Their interior texture helps massage the foot, stimulating the circulation and producing a pleasant sensation while walking. If you have any kind of foot problem, our material if comfortably adapted to the shape of your feet, making the clog comfortable and stable to wear.
What are you waiting for, then? Go put on a pair of Freya ballerinas!

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