ProFASHIONal, who?

Posted on September 20, 2012 by Suecos EN

Lately we’ve been thinking about the relationship between work wear and fashion. It seems that in the current market, these two concepts are not compatible, but then we think about out professionals, we see creative, passionate people with highly rewarding jobs that are also highly demanding.

We also understand that most of these jobs, whether you’re a nurse, a doctor, a chef or a beautician, require the use of uniforms. In almost all cases, boring uniforms. We’ve been asking ourselves: why do uniforms have to be boring if our professionals are not boring? The way we dress, even at our work place, should be a reflection of who we are, and since we know you’re an amazing professional we want you to look like an amazing profashional.

What is a profashional then? Well, a profashional is you, dear reader. You are concerned about your health, your performance, about doing your very best and looking your very best.

Suecos® has teamed with the best designers to develop models that will not only help you feel great during your working hours but to also look incredible while you do so thanks to our sleeker designs and playful colors.

We recently went out to shoot our latest look book, and we were thinking about you all the time: we want you to see yourself reflected in them, so that we encourage you to send us your picture and so that we can start building an amazing community of profashionals like you.

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