Suecos® now available up to a size 12

Posted on July 09, 2015 by Ina Schumann

We present the new sizes on the Suecos® horizon:

We have been asked for bigger sizes in the past. Rest assured, we are continuously working hard to give you the best service and we are thrilled to offer our models THOR (black/white) from now on up to size 12 and ODEN Syster up to size 11.

Our feet are getting bigger and wider, growing on average two shoe sizes since the 1970s. The average female shoe size is a UK size 6, the average male wears a UK size 10. 
Often it’s not so much because of the foot’s length but for its width that makes us go for a bigger size, since most models don’t vary in widths. Suecos® offers shoe models in different widths. For example we recommend ODEN for rather narrow feet while THOR is designed much wider.


Thor (Black/White) – up to UK size 12: 
Ultralight and robust, this clog comes with enclosed heel and reinforced toe and heel area for more protection. Its non-slip rubber outer sole for maximum grip is suitable for oily and soapy surfaces. Well suited for work in wet areas.


Oden (Syster) - up to UK size 11:
A truly versatile shoe. Ultralight, ergonomic and available in 11 colours which make them easy to mix and match. Oden absorbs the bodyweight and provides a relaxing feeling in feet, knees and back. It's an ideal shoe where prolonged standing or walking may tend to induce foot discomfort or lower body fatigue. The rubber outer sole provides better grip. They are easy to clean being resistant to dissolvent, detergents and can be chemically disinfected, for example with chlorine.

Since women’s shoe sizes in a 7 or 8 (UK size) are getting more and more common, we also added a UK 8 to our popular model Midsummer. By the way even Kate Winslet, Sandra Bullock and Paris Hilton wear an 8 – gladly those times are long gone when asking for bigger sizes used to be embarrassing ... ;)

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