Which clogs are suited best for your profession? – Your Suecos® clogs guide

Posted on April 15, 2015 by Ina Schumann

Suecos® clogs come in 5 different models and various colours. Use this overview to help you find which clogs are best suited for your profession and working environment.

We are specialized in work shoes in the following sectors:

  1. Medical Healthcare: work shoes for nurses, doctors and caregivers in hospitals, medical practices, laboratories, care facilities and geriatrics.
  2. Hostelry: professional shoes for the food and hotel industry, for kitchens, chefs, service staff for example waiters, room service or professional cleaning.
  3. Wellness: Professional footwear for spa, beauty & cosmetics, massage parlors.
  4. Leisure: Ideal for swimming pools, beach or simply to relax after work; great for the whole family.

Here we highlight 5 Suecos® clogs for you to compare:

THOR we recommend especially when working in the food industry or in kitchens, but also to caregivers, for example in geriatrics. Thor has a non-slip rubber outer sole for strong grip, suitable for oily and soapy surfaces such as tiles. Its heel and toe area is reinforced and the heel is also fully enclosed for extra protection. THOR Plus+ without air vents is ideal for wet areas. They can easily be combined with insoles. Thor has a classic wide fit.

ODEN has especially been designed for professionals in hospitals and medical practices but is also suited for hostelry and service as well as wellness and spa. The rubber outer sole protects on wet and dry surfaces. ODEN offers extra comfort: the shock absorbing sole allows noticeable cushioning with every step and makes them ideal for long days on your feet. You will feel like walking on air. The narrow fit is perfect for slim feet. Available in 11 colours.

SKOLL is an all-rounder work shoe suited for all sectors. They offer great value at a competitive price. The heel is partially covered around your feet and therefore can perfectly be combined with insoles. Skoll have a rather wide fit. Available in 6 colours.

NORDIC has proofed itself in all areas – healthcare such as hostelry, wellness and leisure. NORDIC’s exchangeable insole and its integrated Air-Tech™ ventilation system offer extra comfort. NORDIC partially cover your feet around the heel.

LOKI is recommended for wellness and leisure. They can be worn with an insole and have a wider fit. This model is also available in kid’s sizes and ideal for the whole family.

All Suecos® clogs are ultra-light and reduce muscular effort up to 70%. Legs, knees and your back are noticeably relieved when on your feet all day. Suecos® are also easy to clean.

Find more information about our models classified by sector and colour.

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