What shoes should you wear in medical professions?

Posted on February 16, 2015 by Suecos EN

Nursing staff, doctors and pharmacists spend great parts of their working day on their feet. We can't emphasise enough the importance of wearing safe and comfortable footwear that is specifically designed for their needs. Here is a useful checklist for buying shoes for hospitals, nursing homes, medical practices and pharmacies:

  • Favour enclosed shoes that prevent the infiltration of liquids from above.
  • Make sure they have a non-slip outer sole, preferably with a wide sole for secure support.
  • Your shoes should have a bit of a heel, but no more than 25mm.
  • Make sure they have shock absorbing features around the heel.
  • Check for an adjustable fit around the span or safety strap closure.
  • Are they of waterproof, robust material that is easy to clean?
  • Go for a comfortable foot bed.
  • Please note, some working environments may require an enclosed heel.

Suecos® shoes are very light and therefore a comfortable and healthy choice. Their shock absorbing soles noticeably relieve pressure on knees, joints and back. They provide well-being and physiologically help blood circulation. Suecos® stand for proFASHIONal work shoes without compromising in comfort and safety. Here are 8 recommendations that fit your needs:

Oden: a truly versatile shoe. Ultralight, ergonomic and available in 11 colours which make them easy to mix and match. Oden absorbs the bodyweight and provides a relaxing feeling in feet, knees and back. It's an ideal shoe where prolonged standing or walking may tend to induce foot discomfort or lower body fatigue. The rubber outer sole provides better grip. They are easy to clean being resistant to dissolvent, detergents and can be chemically disinfected, for example with chlorine.

Skoll: an ultralight and comfortable Clog. Skoll requires up to 70% less muscle effort than regular shoes and provide a relaxing feeling in knees, legs and back. Available in 6 colours. They are easy to clean being resistant to dissolvent, detergents and can be chemically disinfected, for example with chlorine. Skoll partially covers the heel and can be combined with insoles. 


Nordic: A comfortable clog with exchangeable insoles and integrated Air-Tech TM system with breathable membranes. Nordic partially cover your feet around the heel.


Thor / Thor Plus+ : Ultralight and robust, this clog comes with enclosed heel and reinforced toe and heel area for more protection. Its non-slip rubber outer sole for maximum grip is suitable for oily and soapy surfaces. Well suited for work in wet areas.


Fridacasual and feminine. Frida is designed with an ultralight, breathable microfiber and mesh upper material. Its outer sole with shock absorbing features is slightly wider around the heel in order to provide perfect balance and stability. Frida comes with exchangeable insole and adjustable velcro closure. Easy to clean.


Bo: This casual and dynamic model is designed with a light and waterproof microfiber upper material. It is perfectly suitable for professionals in the healthcare sector who are always on the go. Its adjustable velcro closure allows quick and easy fitting. Its shock absorbing outer sole with non-slip features provides perfect balance and stability. Easy to clean.

Edda: a classic model that provides perfect balance between aesthetics and comfort. Waterproof and breathable microfiber upper material combined with a shock absorbing outer sole make it a truly comfort experience. Edda comes with exchangeable insole and elastic closure. Easy to clean.

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