Which colour are your work shoes? Here’s what your favourite colour reveals.

Posted on December 29, 2014 by Suecos EN

It might sound rather peculiar, but it is said that a person’s favourite colour tells us something about their character. So what is your favourite colour? As you see, Suecos® professional shoe wear comes in many pretty colours which inspired us to put together a list of the most common colours and their symbolic meaning for you:

Red – This signal colour even has two meanings. On one side it stands for danger, but also for love and sensuousness. People who favour red often tend to be extroverted, impulsive and know what they want. Red is the colour of energy.

Pink – is probably the most feminine of all colours. It suggests briskness, liveliness and affection. People with pink being their favourite colour are usually very creative, imaginative and even playful.

Orange – makes us feel warm and cosy, however not just because we relate it to tropical fruit or sunrises. It was also found that orange has an appetizing effect. If you like orange you are likely to be a very sociable person and mostly in a positive good mood.

Green – This colour makes us first think of nature, growth and vigour. Besides it is the colour of hope and luck; and on most people it has a harmonising and calming effect. Most fans of the colour green tend to be rather calm, balanced and optimistic.

By the way, besides its positive influence on light reflection and visual differentiation in hospitals, “surgical green“ has yet another advantage: Because green and blue are associated with calmness, most patients feel less unsettled by colourful scrubs than white coats.

Blue – stands for trust and peace and has a calming and reassuring effect on us. It is also related to friendship, harmony and reliability. On the other hand it can seem a little cold. Those who love blue are likely to be diplomatic, kind and caring.

Purple – is the colour of spirituality and feminism. It is also seen as secretive, exceptional and intuitive and is something for idealists and free spirits. It stands for self-assurance, relaxation and placidity. People who favour purple often have great humour and are creative and imaginative.

White – stands for purity, cleanliness and perfection. It is the colour of innocence and modesty. Who likes white is often rather reserved and even-tempered and can well appreciate spending time on their own.

Black – is associated with power, strength and mystery, but also makes us think of grief and evil: black is worn on most funerals. However the LBD (or little black dress) will never be out of fashion. This colour stands for elegance and grandeur. Many people who prefer black tend to be rather realistic, success-oriented and can be a little secretive.

Of course there are a lot more colours around and they all have a different impact on every individual, so that it really can’t be generalised.



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