How to care best for your insoles

Posted on November 19, 2014 by Ina Schumann

We love our insoles because they make our day so much more comfortable. In winter they keep our feet warm and throughout the year they prevent foot perspiration. No more foot pain or fatigue after long walking or standing in less comfortable shoes.

However, in order to keep them comfortable and hygienic they regularly need care and attention. Here are 12 tips how to care best for your insoles:

  1. Wash your feet before slipping into the shoes.
  2. Remove insoles from your shoes over night, so that they can dry naturally at fresh air – especially when they are wet.
  3. Leave wet insoles dry slowly; away from heat or sunlight since heat can easily deform them.
  4. Wash synthetic insoles or gel inserts in soapsuds and dry them with a cotton towel.
  5. To remove odour you can soak insoles in vinegar essence and wash them afterwards.
  6. Use foot deodorant to avoid unpleasant odour.
  7. If the insoles cannot be washed use a cleaning spray. (You can buy it in almost every clothing shop.) Where applicable you can also use sanitary wipes – never on leather material though.
  8. Only clean leather insoles with leather cleaning products. Don’t rinse the insole, dry and buff the leather with a soft cloth.
  9. Regularly use anti-bacterial spray to remove bacteria or mildew. Let the disinfectant remain for a few minutes before wiping the product away with a clean cloth.
  10. If you prefer not to wear socks you can wrap feet liners (small sock liners) around your insole. This reduces odour and the liners can be exchanged easily.
  11. Never put insoles in a washing machine or dryer nor expose them to strong heat.
  12. Regularly change your insoles.

It is generally recommended only to use insoles in shoes, which already come with a removable foot bed or even insoles. In that case you can just exchange them and your insoles won’t compromise on your feet’s wellbeing by taking up more room.

Especially our models SKOLL and THOR go well with insoles.

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