9 Tips for healthy and beautiful feet

Posted on November 02, 2014 by Ina Schumann

Our feet are more important to us than we think. They are in charge of our balance, our mobility; and they have even more sensory cells than our face. In a way, our wellbeing relies on our feet, however most of us don’t pay as much attention to them as they deserve.

Often, it is not enough to wear professional, high-quality shoes in order to keep your feet fit after a long working day. To keep them beautiful and healthy, a certain care is necessary. Here we have put together a few tips and tricks about how you can keep your feet fit and healthy without much effort:


  1. A short footbath (of 37-40 degrees) activates not just your feet but also your nerves and will make your whole body feel better.
  2. Massage them with circular, gentle moves across the main joints of the foot. It would be even better if you got them massaged professionally.
  3. Freeze a bottle of water and – especially after a long, exhausting working day or after the gym – roll it under your feet to cool down.

Stretching, particularly after exhausting days:

  1. Roll a massage ball with your feet.
  2. Grab small items with your toes.
  3. Pick up a cloth with your toes from the floor.
  4. Tear a piece of paper with your toes.
  5. Stand on your toes and rotate your heels at the same time.
  6. Spread your toes apart and move them in together again.

Also, a great way of training your feet is by walking barefoot regularly.

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