Suecos® and Northern Mythology?

Posted on September 01, 2014 by Ina Schumann

Did you know that all our Suecos® models are named after Nordic Mythology? Find out what Nordic Mythology says about your favourite model. 

Suecos® cofounders Jonna and Andreas were inspired by their Viking roots not just when it came to choose the company’s logo but also when choosing their shoe model’s names. From Alva to Thor we try to always find a little bit of similarity between the particular clog and the actual corresponding character in Nordic mythology. Would you like to find out how your favourite model’s name is derived from Nordic Mythology?

All of what we relate to Nordic Mythology today has actually its origins in two transcriptions in old Icelandic language from between the 8th and 12th centuries: the EDDA. These poetic literature works tell fascinating Scandinavian sagas of gods and heroes, poetic and heroic legends and songs of uncompromisingly just Nordic Mythology. And really, to us EDDA describes the evolution of professional footwear best.
































ODEN was inspired by the father of gods Odin, the head of the Norse gods, also known as „Wodan“ or „Wotan“ His all-embracing wisdom and infinite thirst for knowledge were his most forming and important characteristics.  Many saw in him the source of wisdom and a wanderer in search of truth and knowledge. As highest god of the Vikings he was also a dreaded and powerful god of war, honoured for his strength and skill. ODEN is our most versatile shoe with its non-slip rubber outer sole (SRA) and great shock absorbing properties. It is not just super comfortable to wear but also wise foresight for your health and safety at work.


THOR, son of Odin equals Hercules of the Roman gods and stands for strength, consistency and reliability. He was honest, uncomplicated and stood up bravely and intensely with passion for his goals. His most important characteristic was his enormous power as glorious hero and god of war. Seafaring people such as the Vikings worshiped THOR as god of the weather and thunder. THOR withstands heavy strain and comes with extreme slip resistant outer sole (suitable for soapy and oily kitchen floors, SRC) and reinforced upper material in the toe and heel area.

Thor and LOKI were unlike each other but also inseparable. LOKI resembles Greek Prometheus, his name is also associated with “luck”. He is the clever and smart god of fire, half god and half giant; a shape shifter. He supports others as a cunning and resourceful advisor and plays tricks... LOKI is colourful, cheeky and for the whole family. 

Loki adored FREYA in unrequited love, the goddess of beauty and love, joy and fertility. Comparable to Venus of the Roman gods or the Greek Aphrodite she is the most renowned of the Norse goddesses. FREYA weeps tears of gold. Our beautiful FREYA comes in gold, silver and white, for the extra feminine touch.

FRIDA means „my love“ in old Nordic language. The name can also be seen as a modification of Freya. We love our FRIDA: uncomplicated and feminine, now available in black!


Our flip-flop ALVA (Swedish: Älva, for elves), makes us think of elves: mythical creatures of nature who belong to Freya, the goddess of fertility. These luminous figures or nature spirits are said to be long living or immortal with magic powers and of great beauty who live closely with nature. Elves, no matter if men or women, are youthful with distinctive pointed ears and are known to be great magicians and archers. Follow the footsteps of an elf and enjoy young and beautiful design!


BO was inspired by Odin’s son Baldur, the most gentle and loved of all gods of Nordic mythology. Baldur comes from the Nordic word for "the luminous" or "the shining" and is god of pureness, truth, beauty and justice. Our BO has charisma and when worn simply is „très beau“!


SKOLL or Skalli, is described as a giant wolf in Scandinavian mythology, who is relentlessly following the goddess of the sun across the sky making the sun hurry. The origins of the name Skalli are related to “striker” in literature. SKOLL conquers the hearts of all those, who look for exceptional cost efficiency.


NORDIC derives from Njörd, the patron god of sailors and fishermen. He rules over the winds at sea, oceans and fire. As god of fruitfulness Njörd bestows harvest. He is a very friendly god who embodies the calm sea and good weather. Playful seals and swans are his favourite animals and are sacred to him. He is very wealthy and generously grants goods to his followers; therefore he is also regarded as "prince of the people". NORDIC stands for comfort in every situation.

ANDOR is short for Arn Thór and means “god “ in Nordic Mythology. ANDOR is our sleek and minimalistic response to work footwear. 

 By the way, the name Suecos® is a Spanish wordplay; it means "Swedes", but also "clogs" when spelled with a "z" instead of an "s"(zuecos). Since the company was founded by two Swedes in Spain, with the idea of improving and innovating the classical "swedish clog", we couldn't think of a more perfect name.


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