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Posted on August 20, 2014 by Ina Schumann

Did you know that with every online purchase at Suecos® you are supporting a charity project for children in need?

With your purchase online, our charity campaign “A clog for a clog” will give a pair of protective clogs to a barefoot child through a collaborating charity. Thanks to you we have already been able to send thousands of Suecos® clogs to children in need in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic over the past few years.

We are now planning our next project in cooperation with the NGO Infancia sin Fronteras. They advocate for basic needs to enable peaceful coexistence between nations and support to alleviate the effects of war and natural disasters on civilians with special emphasis on children and their mothers being more vulnerable in such situations. Infancia sin Fronteras are especially active in Nicaragua, Sri Lanka, Honduras, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Nigeria and Bolivia – with the aim to primarily support the socially underprivileged without any discrimination.

In doing their work they focus on following three main goals:    

  1. Stimulate awareness in society by informing, educating and mobilizing broader population groups and supporting child welfare in underdeveloped countries.    
  2. Humanitarian aid    
  3. International development cooperation through identifying relevant problems, carrying out projects, cooperation with local communities and opponents in order to improve actual living conditions; and the groundwork for developing a future for a country’s population and particularly their children.

For instance, Infancia sin Fronteras has been working in Nicaragua reaching 14.000 children in 24 development centres for over 10 years enabling free access to meals, education, medical and psychological attention. After years of hard work a variety of education possibilities have opened up to all age groups of the population: primary and elementary schools, professional education and creative craftwork. They have also worked with young mothers and consolidation of local capacities and skills.

With special thanks to Infancia sin Fronteras, Suecos® can be part of their charity project and we are very grateful to our clients: without YOU this wouldn’t be possible!

Find out more about our charity campaign "A clog for a clog".

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